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A term used when describing the hotness of a female or to describe an extreme need for food.
1.Brian said he though that chick was so hot I'd eat the corn out of her shit.
2.Waumans said that he was so hungry that he'd eat the corn out of her shit.
by Robert McDonald January 09, 2007
taking a chew of snuff tobacco
After I had sex, I was having a bad craving for tobacco so I decided to toss in a lipper
by Robert McDonald December 29, 2006
A woman's vagina with a penis inserted in it.
After Pat had sex with Chewy he commented how she had a great stuffed taco.
by Robert McDonald January 04, 2007
A slang name for one's penis
I told Jill to start sucking on russell the love muscle.
by Robert McDonald January 13, 2007
The act of getting your teet or nipple twisted or squeezed.
My uncle used to pinch my little boobies and ask me what was worse than a texas tornado and answer a nipple crippler.
by Robert McDonald January 05, 2007
A term for a guy looking to get his rocks off with a chick.
When Mike D. and Billy went to the bar Mike commented that he was horny. Billy said that Mike was always horny. Mike stated, "I'm just a squirrel looking for a nut".
by Robert McDonald January 08, 2007
Taking a giant satisfying crap.
After Big Bob ate all you could eat tacos at the local bar, his stomach began to gurgle and decided he'd better take a Big Grumby
by Robert McDonald January 04, 2007

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