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a guy/girl. used to make reference to someone, much like cheech, duders, cochise, chumpy. Ambiquously used as both a positive and a negative judgement.
who's that mochampez?
He's my brother.
by Robert Marbury August 03, 2007
a bald dude, someone completely devoid of hair on their head. (used as a description, not necessarily an insult.
Yo, watch out for that snoochie. he's gonna steal your hat!
by Robert Marbury August 03, 2007
(Smell Linger Time)- the amount of time it takes for an odor to clear an area or dispersal time.
"His SLT is huge, son. You know he wears that AXE bodyspray.."
"Don't go in the men's room. Chad was there and he has big SLT after a night ofBBB}."
by Robert Marbury August 01, 2007
(also known as Triple B)- Bad Butt Beer. A beer that gives you butt problems the next day.
"I don't drink that Premium, its BBB!"
by Robert Marbury August 01, 2007
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