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the series of moves used by John Cena to end most of his matches. They are 1. Flying shoulder block, 2. Sitout hip toss or multiple clotheslines, 3. Side release spinout slam, 4. Five Knuckle Shuffle, 5. FU. Some also add the STFU as another and call it the Six Moves of Doom.
John Cena's five moves of doom have led to the decline of the WWE's ratings
by Robert M. Glory August 26, 2007
the hottest young balla in the NBA, chris paul, currently leading the new orleans hornets to the playoffs
man cp3 came to play this year
by Robert M. Glory December 25, 2007
wasted the most talented US soccer team in history at the 2006 World Cup, finishing last in its group.
Landon Donovan's skills were wasted by US coach Bruce Arena, who only went with one striker deep into the second half of a game the US needed two goals to win.
by Robert M. Glory June 25, 2006
a nickname for baseball slugger Alex Rodriguez, invoking his reputation of producing big numbers in the early part of the season. See also MayRod
"Come on A-Rod!!!!" *Strikes out with leading run on second in ninth inning* "Dam AprilRod"
by Robert M. Glory October 05, 2007
John Cena's other finisher, used to cause HHH and Shawn Michaels to tap out at the last two Wrestlemanias.
The STFU is one of the weakest-looking submission maneuvers in wrestling.
by Robert M. Glory August 26, 2007
the biggest pussy in US soccer history
Landon Donovan couldn't cut it in Germany, so was content to dominate in L.A. living with his actress girlfriend while reading and beleiving the hype that the US was going to make an impact at this World Cup like they did in 2002
by Robert M. Glory June 25, 2006

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