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6 definitions by Robert GP

Intellectually insulting nickname for Britney Spears or Whitney Houston, with which it rhymes.
"Jessica Alba will never be known as a Twitney. She's much too bright for that."
by Robert GP May 13, 2006
The end result of flatulence, only much more intense than normal. May be used by kids to indicate a smelly blast of this type. Also spelled "stinkey."
Excuse me, someone just let off a stinkie!
by Robert GP April 27, 2006
having a massive grin, usually to the extent where the teeth overshadow the rest of the face
That chick is so toothy you have to wonder who's the star of the show. Her or her teeth?

Toothy celebrities include:
by Robert GP September 04, 2006
An occurrence for which there is absolutely no time but whose (continuous) nature warrants its complete attention until it is resolved (based on an actual event that took place on a Sunday evening in 1998). Does not normally apply to matters that require human mediation.
I got a Sunday-night headache over that stupid alarm.
by Robert GP April 27, 2006
N: female "vocalist" better known for her paparazzi shenanigans. N: bad fashion sense, awful choreography, blinding grin. AJ: stupid, arrogant, toothy.
Britney Spears is finally getting hers. Her old man's getting a cool 16 grand or so a month to be her caregiver.
by Robert GP January 27, 2009
A pancake ass that sags to the point where it appears fat.
I heard you talkin' 'bout my ass back there! Which one a'you said it was a mudslide?
by Robert GP November 19, 2007