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An Italian-American word originally meaning an ill-mannered, unkempt pig-man (or woman). Based on italian cultural concepts like making a good show of yourself and an obsession with cleanliness. The word comes from the Italian "cafone", which sounds to an english-speaker as 'Gaw-Vone' when spoken with a southern Italian accent.

Now it's used mostly by Italian-Americans to mean 'trashy' Italians, the ones who didn't give up on their culture and become like white american people. Lately I've heard it directed at the Sopranos characters and the Guidos from Jersey Shore.
"My Cousin Vinny is about a bunch of Gavones that challenge the law of the deep south."

Me: Ma the guy I work for wears tons of gold chains and walks around like he doesn't care what other people think.
Mamma: What a gavone.

Me: Ma my friend Lorenzo invited me to his family cook-out.
Mamma: Oh gawd don't go they're a bunch of gavones.
by Rimbambo August 30, 2010
A misspelled version of "Mosque", used mostly by teabaggers and other culturally conservative people who keep hearing about the 'ground zero mosque' in the news and from their friends but who have never seen it on paper (like in an encyclopedia, or any other book that might bring knowledge)
Teabagger: They want to build that mosk right on sacred ground-zero ground!
by Rimbambo September 01, 2010
Coming from russian Babuska, meaning a headscarf. Used by old eastern european-american women, and their families, to mean a headscarf or a hood.
Old Lady who just put up the hood on her sweater: Look at me I've got my baboosh!
by Rimbambo September 01, 2010
Italian for juvenile delinquent, bad kid, bad influence, criminal-in-the-making, etc.
Mamma: That boy is a delinquente!! I don't want you around him!
Me: But ma he's my cousin what am I to do?
by Rimbambo September 21, 2010

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