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1. Extremely excited, ecstatic, stoked, treed, pumped, psyched, jazzed, amped, revved, wired.

Has roots in drug culture (use of hypodermic needles) to get extremely high.

2. Exaggerated expectations created by over-promising or over-advertising hype.
1. I am hyped--my new surfboard rocks!

2. These crappy headphones were hyped.
by Richard Cooper February 19, 2005
1. Extremely excited about something.

2. Connected to the Internet.
I'm wired about getting wired!
by Richard Cooper February 19, 2005
Extremely excited, ecstatic, stoked, treed, pumped, psyched, jazzed, amped, hyped, wired.

Used by California car club members, skateboard brats, surfer dudes, and Silicon Valley billionaires. Also has roots in software updates, or version "revisions."
I am so revved by the new Green Day disc.
by Richard Cooper February 19, 2005
1. Verb: To upgrade, strengthen, install, or add to existing protection against weapons (usually metal plates) on the human body, military vehicle or aircraft or ships, or to fortifications.

2. Noun: The upgraded armor installed on people, vehicles, or locations.

Originating in American military parlance, especially during the Iraq War, and shortened from "upgrading armor."
1. Soldiers were digging through local landfills for pieces of scrap metal and compromised ballistic glass to up-armor their vehicles.

2. In response to the vulnerability of HMMWVs (Humvees) operating in Iraq, Up-Armor Kits were designed and installed on M998 HMMWVs. But no matter how much up-armor the sluggish humvees packed on, the best hope to putting an end to the violence was to prevent it from happening in the first place.

by Richard Cooper April 04, 2008
Someone who is most likely to love cocaine and other drugs, loves to party and have fun with friends, can be sensitive at times and if you do them wrong and mess up their feelings be sure to have them after you. Not in a good way.

This is a person who is outgoing and very fun most likely to become addicted to meth or some sort of heavy drug but, loves her family and friends, is very intelligent and also studies hard to achieve their goals in life. Also a very good kisser and great in bed.

If you have a "sully Fernandez " in your life watch out cause they're pretty crazy and sometimes pretty weird.
"Yo yesterday me and "sully Fernandez" got so fucked of cocaine it was amazing"
by Richard cooper January 13, 2015
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