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1 definition by Richard A. Cooper

Overness: (Noun) 1. The state or quality of being completely emotionally free of a significant other after a breakup or a dumping incident. 2. A sense of peace that encompasses the heart when the mere thought of an ex-somebody no longer induces feelings of loss, pain, sadness, vomiting, or keying of car paint, and, in fact, only stirs a fond memory or two, instead. 3. A mythical state or quality actually only achieved through insanity or death or by getting thee to a nunnery or monastery and finding God in the power of ascetic silence, Gregorian chants, and itchy robes.

"I have finally achieved overness from the governess, with whom I had a long and passionate affair in the west wing."

"You had better be achieving 'overness' from reading that particular author with whom you had a five year affair, or I'll go apeshit on your self-pitying alabaster ass."
by Richard A. Cooper September 19, 2008