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50 definitions by Rhomsy

Irish/Scottish Word used to describe something small

Can also be used as a cute term depending on how you say it

Word used to describe the early hours after midnight
"Look at that wee midget over there"

"Look at the wee baby isn't she/he so cute"

"It's the wee hours of the morning" (3am-4am)
by Rhomsy September 02, 2009
Younger male who pleases the older woman
"She is old enough to be his mother that must be her toyboy"

"His gf is like 10 years older than him what a toyboy"
by Rhomsy October 28, 2009
Some one who comes from a rich or upper class working class neighbourhood listens to rap music wears hip hop style clothing throws up gang signs and just thinks they are top G's in general
Stop throwing up gang signs and then posting the photos on your facebook trying to make everyone think you are gangster people laugh at you and think "wannabe gangster

Dude your from the rich part of the suburbs stop throwing up gang signs and thinking you all gangster,Real gangsters are the likes of the mafia,Wannabe Gangster
by rhomsy March 13, 2011
Some-one who copies you in everything you do like copies your dress sense(fashion) your sense of humour(Steals your jokes) Steals your pick up lines and one worders,Then they act like they didn't copy you or steal your style and personality but to you and others it is so obvious
"Look at her she's such a copycat she copied that word of me that was my word then she is going around saying it all the time & acting like she was the one made it up she's taking the credit for my word that friggin copycat"

"She stole my joke that stupid copycat"

"Look at that copycat what he is wearing it's like he so wants to be me, get your own style and fashion you copycat"

Guy1:"I shaved my head last week then this week he has shaved his"

Guy2:"He's such a copycat it's so obvious he wants to be like you"
by Rhomsy January 15, 2011
A sub-culture of Australian male youths aged 16-25 who wear Nike TN shoes Canterbury tracksuit pants nautica t-shirts with colars poped wear white Nike dri fit hats and usually carry a bumbag,They also wear other clothes such as adidas trackies or adidas hats or carry adidas bumbags or nike bumbags,Usually they hang outside train stations shopping malls or parks looking for innocent people to mug or pick a fight with most lads are usually skinny and no taller than 5 foot 9 some have ice scabs from doing to much drugs..
Guy 1:Dude your such a lad Guy 2:why? Guy 1: Look at you man Canterbury trackies ya TN'S n ya dri fit hat haha :Guy 2 yeah man I look like a sik cant eh?

Lebo guy:Cuzzy I hate lads. Lebo guy 2:I know man they try dress talk n act like us eh bra?

Teenage kid:Man I got rolled yesterday outside the train station Teenage kid 2 :Wtf you serious was it lads rolled ya Teenage kid:Yeah dude n they rolled this other kid last week apparently, thats what the cops said...
by rhomsy March 01, 2010
Sexy sports clothing very comfortable and very famous nearly everyone has or has had some sort of adidas clothing if not then I suggest you get some
Adidas gear looks so sexy and bad ass

I got the latest adidas shoes they're wicked
by Rhomsy June 29, 2009
Term used to describe something good
1)Did you watch the match last night?

"Yeah man it was quality"

2)"Wow she's hot that's quality man"

3)"That your new car damm that's quality"
by rhomsy June 26, 2010