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A term to describe shrapnel left embedded in the body. Also described as "internal bling". Made popular by George W. Bush's middle-eastern war.
Our hummer hit a landmine, but I walked away with some body bling
by Reginald Emmett McCafferty June 09, 2007
A conjunction of the word "ugly" with either "fat" or "fucking". "Fat" being an additional description to ugly, "fucking" is moreso used to describe the intensity of the ugliness.
Nasty overbite, horrible dandfruff, relentless acne...man, that dude is fugly.
by Reginald Emmett McCafferty June 09, 2007
Its proper definition of douche is the introduction of of a fluid into the vagina for medical or hygienic reasons. Not being an enjoyable process, its derivatives are usually meant to insult. Terms such as shower pocket, douchebag, d-bag, DB, doucherama, doucher, douche turd, douchington, or simply douche are not uncommon.
"that cop gave me a ticket for only going 5mph over the limit, what a douche!"

"I'm trying to impress these people I'm taking you to meet, so don't be a d-bag or anything, ok?"
by Reginald Emmett McCafferty June 09, 2007

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