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For when you are organizing a "compulsory" event or meeting and people choose not to attend because for no other reason, they just don't want to.
"Hi person, please attend this meeting. It is compulsory."

"No. I don't want to."
by Redtrousers April 27, 2011
Modifying a person or object, transforming them into a bogan
Trent and Shazza were bogafying their car by adding QLD origin stickers to it.
by Redtrousers April 07, 2011
To turn something into a catastrophy
New Found Glory absolutely catastrofied Cyndie Lauper's song, 'Time After Time' (but I like it).
by redtrousers July 04, 2013
A synonym for choking in the sporting sense.

A reference to the perceived under-achievements by the New Zealand All Blacks in Rugby World Cup history - always starting favourites, failing in the big games.
Jana Novotna seriously All-Blacked against Steffi Graff in the 1993 Wimbledon final.

Greg Norman was a serial All-Blacker in major tournaments.

New Zealand Rugby team has a history of All-Blacking in Rugby World Cups.
by Redtrousers September 11, 2011
To operate social media platforms in a manner to replicate famous people, building an artificial status and a delusional state of celebrity.
"This dude on Instagram is drinking Hennessey in his low cut Tims"
"Yeah, he's just playing famous"
by redtrousers February 17, 2015
Pop-culture technology - wearables, drones, robots, social media, apps, mobile phones etc. As opposed to traditional technology - servers, end-user computing, networking devices etc.
Person #1: "Have you heard the latest? Facebook paid 800 squillion dollars to buy a virtual reality headset business and a messaging app."

Person #2: "All that pop-tech nonsense gives me shits. Have you seen the latest Hitachi storage attached network?"

by redtrousers December 13, 2014
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