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2 definitions by Rebobinar

Aside from its usual definition, a racial slur is also what happens when you mix rednecks, NASCAR, and mass quantities of alcohol. Everyone is incoherently slurring about the race, when in actuality, no one has a damn clue who's in the lead or what the point standings are, nor does anyone really give a shit.
Examples of Racial Slurs:

Lap 1, Billy Bob - "Jimmy Johnson's taking this one all the way!"

Lap 1, Jimbo - "I concur, but Tony Stewart has just as much of a chance as any other guy out there."

Lap 119, Billy Bob - "Ib ert shnell mmm, (hic) mmbobble sox."

Lap 119, Jimbo - "Yeeeerrrp, sho mmbrithen gnop shtorin(BUUUURRRRRP)."
by Rebobinar January 11, 2010
A street in Tara Village where the crackheads live, located in Florence, South Carolina. (See also Tara Village)
I was gonna take Plantation straight in to Tara Drive to avoid the crackheads, but I had to take a detour on Pitty Pat when one ran out in front of me.
by Rebobinar January 07, 2010