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A friendship that feels awkward, especially after being dumped by your significant other.

Usually a friendship that you won't keep after being dumped by your girlfriend/boyfriend.
Guy 1: You got dumped by that hot chick you really like? Are you still friends with her?

Guy 2: Ehhhh, I am, but, it's real awkward. Now, she can have a relationship with any guy she wants, and not feel guilty about talking to me about it. I may as well dump her as a friend. What I have with her is an awkward friendship.
by Random Person 362 July 19, 2011
A desperate punch that is thrown usually into the face, in order to flee from an opponent, enemy, threat, etc.
Guy 1: I had to Surprise punch the thief who was going to stab me, in order to run away from him.

Guy 2: Ouch! Bet he didn't see it coming!
by Random Person 362 July 19, 2011
Any guy named Pete that is considered very "Crazy".
Girl 1: Have you considered dating your science partner?

Girl 2: You mean, Crazy Pete? He's a mad scientist!
by Random Person 362 August 09, 2012
A very cool game on the Amiga computer. It is very addictive, to play.
I just love playing that SideWinder game! The Intro Music is so killer!
by Random Person 362 October 02, 2011
Slang term for fellatio.
You give me Sucky Sucky Yum Yum! 5 Dolla!
by Random Person 362 October 02, 2011
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