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Time to clean the slate on the LeBron James definition. A pathetic, ego driven traitor and the main villain of the NBA. His departure to the Heat was truly disgraceful to Cleveland. He decided to announce his move in a classless fashion which is a big fuck you, with no proper goodbye to Cleveland. He whines about not winning rings when in reality he wants to play with 2 of his butt buddies. His explanation for all of this was a lie.

Queen James' decision to sign with the Heat happened to be planned out since 2008, when his boyfriends, Dwyane Fade and Christy Bosh were on the U.S. team in the Olympics. Turns out LeBron could have gotten a championship with the Cavs, he just decided to quit like a fucking bitch in the playoffs (2009 vs Magic; 2010 vs Celtics.). The 3 lovers decided to join forces today all because they were pulverizing countries who don't give a squirt of piss about basketball.

He didn't wake up the morning of his decision day and talk with his mother about it. Your mother would sure as hell not be okay with you blowing up half of a U.S. state to kingdom come including where you live just to get a small piece of plastic around your finger.

And thus his lack of backbone and machismo proves himself as not a knight but a knave, not a leader but a follower, not a winner but a loser! And not only that Cleveland and Akron hate him now but so do the other teams, realizing his free agency was a fucking rig. He's never going to be on par with Jordan and Kobe.
Miami fan: HAHAHA WE GOT LeBron James and Cleveland sucks!
Cleveland fan: Nooooo. Now that you got LeBron, Miami sucks. Oh and they just lost again. Throw another jersey on the fire.
by Rad Heroman July 10, 2010
A drugged up harpy and the acting equivalent to Ke$ha who somehow tranced into numerous alternate universes until she found the one that was able to land her in a life with other "a-list" actresses. Except there's something that's missing. Oh, right...talent. She never took any acting lessons or went to any talent schools or agencies. She can only run 2 miles per hour and just has a 3 inch vertical leap. Many were to believe she would be the one to captivate the box office. Well Michael Bay, you picked the wrong bitch and now it has costed us middle class people dearly. If Hollywood was the way it was 10 years ago, she would not make it. And what we heard from Transformers crew members and Mickey Rourke, she's unqualified to be acting. Unfortunately it doesn't matter, because she's set to kill a bunch of franchises in the future.
Film Agent: Well, you're just about set to be a big "star". Anything we need to know before we proceed?
Megan Fox: Well I got a lot of plastic surgery.
Film Agent: That's 'kay.
Megan Fox: And I can't read.
Film Agent: That's 'kay.
Megan Fox: And I'm a pot addict.
Film Agent: That's 'kay.
Megan Fox: And I got an inflated ego. Like I'm a real big bitch and I want to do things MY way, even if it would turn the whole project around. And I doubt I'll make any friends or be a great role model.
Film Agent: That's 'kay.
Megan Fox: And I intend to bring a weapon to one of my movies sets.
Film Agent: That's 'kay.
Megan Fox: Oh and I REALLY HATE acting.
Film Agent: That's 'kay. Is that it, otherwise congratulations YOU'VE MADE IT!!!
by Rad Heroman May 30, 2010
Sluttiest children's special in television history. The abomination of awards shows and the most overrated.

Teens don't even watch. Children do.
It's not even their choice. The choice is Miley's and the Jonas Brothers'. And they suck.
Therefore, the awards are nothing but novelty.
You will die of ripping your own head off if you watch the Teen Choice Awards.
by Rad Heroman August 10, 2009
A daily block of mini sports soap operas packed into one hour. Programming varies each day:

"Keeping Up With The Cowdashians" (Cowboys)
"Patriot Way" (Patriots/Tebow)
"The Quarterbachelor" (Jets)
"Total Dodgers" (Dodgers)
"Red Sock Mountain" (formerly titled "The Red Sox Chronicles")
"Lebrontourage" (Briefly known as "Erik's Angels" after LeBron joined Heat)
"Diary of A Mad Black Mamba" (Lakers)
"As The Club Turns" (Tiger Woods)
"All My Crashes" (Danica Patrick)
"Johnny Football" (this is actually a like short cartoon)
and of course the Emmy award winning "Yankee Country" (Yankees)

Notable defunct shows as followed (with possibilities of each returning not ruled out, obviously):

"Manny Knows Best" (Manny Ramirez)
"The Favre Saga" (Brett Favre)
"The Misadventures of T.O." (Terrell Owens)
"Everybody Hates Barry" (Barry Bonds)
"Ocho Cinco Numero Uno" (Chad Johnson)
"Clemonpatra" (Roger Clemons)
"One Life to Lin" (Jeremy Lin)
Viewer: PLEASE can you please cover some actual sports?
Anchor: I don't know what you're getting at. This isn't sports, it's SportsCenter.
by Rad Heroman August 05, 2013
A man who is attracted to beer over women. It's a growing trend over the repetitive use of the idea in American beer ads.
Girl 1: Kelsie, help...
Girl 2: What's wrong?
Girl 1: They guy you hooked me up with, turns out he's pretty weird.
Girl 2: Is he a homosexual?
Girl 1: Worse. An alcosexual.
by Rad Heroman June 05, 2010
The codename for a weapon of mass destruction. Used by the military to play to terrorists until they kill themselves. Made up of 6 band members to make one of the biggest mind-numbing, time-wasting, money-draining, soul-sucking stupidities in the music industry. Up there with the likes of other posers such as the Jonas Brothers, teaching little kids how to grow up to be obnoxious white stoner trash with no futures trying to make a living in southern California with the attitudes they have. If they wouldn't be worried about "fags" who hate their music, then why the hell would they actually sing/rap/whine about it in their songs? They threaten to "kill" (AKA "tickle" in their lingo) any "motherfuckers" and "punks" for anyone who hates their music as they mention four times in EACH of their songs. You think that actually makes great music, you've been smoking reefer.
Normal behavior when listening to Hollywood Undead:

Clown wearing mask: "White babies with tattoos, we are drooling right on you
we are breaking everything, r-rowdy like a classroom"
Smart teenagers: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! My poor little brain! NOOOOOOO! *grunts and struggles to click "pause"* Phew...WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?! I'm calling my lawyer!
by Rad Heroman November 22, 2009

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