1 definition by RJ Koscinski

A term originated in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin that defines a person who thinks that they are the shit and everybody wants to be like him. Hypocritical about drug use and look down on "stoners" or any person under their status. Define themselves by their sweet clothes, sweet hair, sweet friends, sweet cars, sweet music, and sweet lifestyle in general. Typically drink Coors light, are prone to gossip, and roam in packs with other sweet kids. Lone sweet kids are anamolys: DO NOT APPROACH! Similar to "bros," but can be female as well.
Ryan: Where's Chad?
Brad: He's at a Jack Johnson concert.
Ryan: Really? He told me to get him a bag...
Brad: That's wierd..He told me he didn't smoke.
Ryan: Fucking sweet kid.
by RJ Koscinski February 02, 2008

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