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An individual who’s style has no limits. Who accomplishes much regardless of all opposition; just when you think you have him figured out, he surprises you yet again. Some say Rodrigo’s stress easily but yet no one understands the amount of pressure these individuals place on themselves in order to succeed. Rodrigo’s are generally very well liked: with that instant smile, playful nature, and outgoing attitude.. Who can resist them!
Rualezlena: Hey guys I heard that Rodrigo is just a little boy, he totally is obsessed over me and he’s crazy!

Garrik: IDK Rualezlena.. it’s like every week you’re talking shit about someone new. Do you have any friends outside this group?

Rualezlena: What are you talking about! Why are you criticizing me, I did nothing to you!
Smitty: Watch out Garrik, you got a woman with a 13 years old girls mentality coming towards you!

Garrik: I’m sorry Rualezlena! go ahead I believe you! Just don’t spread rumors about me in your endless amount of free time.. Rodrigo’s a warrior. I can’t handle that kind of heat!
by R4W Truth March 24, 2010

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