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1 definition by PuRpl3 FLurP 95

A term most commonly used in the Call of Duty mostly Modern Warfare 2, series of online gameplay when a certian "player" is cornered front and back or side to side and shot at and killed. Most commonly happens when a "player" is going for a very high kill sreak such as a Chopper Gunner, AC-130, EMP, or possibly a Tactical Nuke.
Joey: "Holy shit! I just murked that homo with an AA-12!

Chris: "Well bite my nuts and call me skippy, your 1 more kill away from your first nuke brah!

Joey: "Dude im so nervous I think im gonna jizz my pants!"

Chris: "Hey imma go get me some 40s, okay.

(while Chris gets his 40s, Joey yells out with vulgar, Chris rushes back to the room)

Chris: "Damn that was a bitch move right there, what happened?

Joey: "I swear, i got sandwiched by these two fuckin chickenheads!!!"

Chris: "Haha n00b, ur ass got handed to you!!
by PuRpl3 FLurP 95 June 09, 2010
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