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2 definitions by Psychology Guru

(Or just meme)
A trend that was funny/cool at first, but has gotten to the point of being so painfully unfunny and overused that most memes are used simply to provoke someone in an argument. Other memes are used by people that lack even a strand of a sense of humor. Also abused by douche bags and/or tools.
Internet Meme: Lolcats, Rickrolling, O RLY?, In Soviet Russia..., Come at me bro, u mad bro, Brah/Brus/Broski/Broseph.

There are many many more, I don't feel like investing time into looking up phrases we've all grown sick of.
by Psychology Guru December 27, 2011
When someone ignores you, so you ignore them back in hopes of getting to them; It's basically the silent treatment.

Note: Silent Fights require absolutely no effort on your part, you just sit back and hope the person eventually talks.

(The name is borrowed from the song: "Silent Night")
Me: Yo.
Me: Hello?
(The Silent Fight begins)
by Psychology Guru December 27, 2011