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Scottish football team; their fans are/wish they were Irish, hence the numerous Irish Republic flags dotted around the stadium on match day and the pro-IRA / Republican songs sung on match day. Celtic are also famous for winning the European Cup once, reaching the UEFA cup final (and losing to Porto 3-2) and their boys club abusing their child players. There is rumour that the full team manager at the time (Jock Stein) actually knew about this and tried to cover it up (Search for: Big Jock Knew/Knows).
The fans, generally non-working, filthy scum from the cesspits of a glasgow scheme, usually have about 5-9 children, contributing to the demise of what was once the proud city of Glasgow, by filling it with neds that would stab you in the blink of an eye.
The typical conversation of a Celtic Football Club supporter;

"Henrik Larssen man, he's ra king by ra way"
"Any spare change for a bottle of bucky man?"
"Sellik, sellik, etc."
"When's giro day ma man, am pure dyin for some scag"
"I pure wish ah was Irish"
"Ah want away fae this Britain pish but ah don't really care cos am movin tae Dublin when ah get ma next giro, or mibbe al jist nick ma next door neighbour's tele, know what a mean John-Paul?"
by Proud Glaswegian March 07, 2007

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