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white person who thinks hes black
yet the blacks dont like him because hes white
yet the whites dont like him because he thinks hes black

thus it leaves him as a outcast
Bradley Carter Grey is a tweener
by Prilladog June 09, 2006
Person A asks another a dirty or very personal or possibly pervy question,Person B then answers the question truthfully,

Person B then asks Person A a question which he should again answer truthfully,

This goes on until all the information needed has been shared.
Me: Lets play the question game
Bradley Carter Grey: Yeah ok
Me: Are you hard??
Bradley Carter Grey: No i prefer other people to make there own descisions about me
Me: (laughing histerically) No, i mean do u have a stiffy??
Bradley Carter Grey: Yeah i do now
Me: cool can i see??
by Prilladog August 05, 2006
a cartoon super hero with a secret identity known as terence fasoulis, he has a swore enemy known as fat man, Anemic man often waves his hand before finishing his speach
i am Anemic man!! *waves hand* and without fatman!! i am free to splash people, and and erode metal *waves hand* over a period of time....
by Prilladog June 09, 2006
It is used on runescape as a friendly yet derogative term,

It is a conbination of the word noob and moron, thus the word noon

no from noob
on from moron

noob means a low level person acting rude or obniouxsly
Tezzer F is such a noon, yet prilladog is such a zebracock, while fistusfanius oh the other hand is just a tree chopping loser like nobchops
by Prilladog July 02, 2006

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