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1) When lifting weight, the act of adding on more weight and doing more reps than you thought you could do with the original amount of weight; maximum exertion.

2) An overall way of life which one goes above and beyond personal expectations.

*This word was created when Mike 'More Bi's' Miraglia challenged Chris 'One More Rep' Lynch that he couldn't do more weight on the triceps machine. He did, and did more reps than he initially planned to - reptitude was born. It has since become a way of life built on going above and beyond personal expectations in every facet of life - but specifically focused on those associated with the gym and/or lifting weights.

Other forms: Reptitudical (Verb); Reptituded (Past tense)

Synonyms: None Exist

Antonyms: Steve Serrano
1) He called me out on the triceps machine so I put on more weight and did more reps than I ever thought I could - REPTITUDE!!!

2) Everyone told him he'd never be able to do it, and he did, twice as fast as he ever though he'd be able to - REPTITUDE!!!

3) That dude was getting REPTITUDICAL in the gym today - REPTITUDICAL!!!
by President - W. Outdoors Club February 21, 2011

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