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putrid disgusting gothic whore that fucks 3 guys in same night. Gets extremely stupid guys to go with her. see giltrow. She is very close to human filth. She can be best described as a grommet, female form of grummit. She is a feral and extremely boggo. Also see shannon mcarthy
"Giltrow did ricky-lee bare naked under slipple my nipples clothes line and wasn't under the influence at all"
by preacher of the truth September 09, 2003
Commonly known as Wack Warwick, or W Squared. Small town in central Rhode Island with an inner city appearance. Overrun by crackheads, wanksters, wiggers, and most of all--haters. Being a resident in the town of West Warwick means you are exposed to the most haters in a small area you will ever see. More often than not, these haters are also people that think that they are better, or as good as everyone else. Which again more often than not is not true considering they are douchebags. Another defining characteristic of the West Warwickian Hating Douchebag is their amazing ability to try to make everyone feel bad for them, by making their personal problems public. Extremely ugly and vandalized, the town itself is also about as attractive as what you find in the toilet the night after Mexican food for lunch. Don't ever go there, ever.
West Warwickian Hating Douchebag (Mind you this is a caucasian) - "Yo dawg you's a asswhipe, but fo' real yo my moms is like kickin me out my hizzle fo' real. Ayyo can I move in yo' hizzle biatch?"
Town Itself - Your house, with two cardboard windows, three crackheads living next door, and 3-4 wiggers that live on your street that have horrible systems and love to blast them in front of your house, driving by 150-7000 times a day.
by Preacher of the Truth September 17, 2005
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