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A harmful, and usually unlawful, attack upon another person by beating, wounding, or otherwise offensive touching. This phrase is in reference to the alleged battery of Rihanna by Chris Brown.
"Bitch, don't make me Chris Brown yo ass!"
by Pouya Ziapour March 04, 2009
A beloved romantic companion of whom one is deeply fond of and has great chemistry with. The term can be used to describe either sex.
“Baybeh, you’re so cute!”

“I miss you Baybeh!”

“I can't live without my Baybeh.”
by Pouya Ziapour May 14, 2009
1. A statement someone says to strike, cancel, eliminate, expunge, or otherwise remove a statement he or she made from the record.

2. A statement someone says to take back a previous statement that indicated attraction for someone else, after it becomes clear that he or she was wrong and is not attracted to that person.
"Damn, that girl is hot...*gets a better look of girl and realizes mistake*...strike that, she's a butterface."
by Pouya Ziapour February 16, 2009
1. A type of swing in the game of baseball where the batter starts to swing for the ball, but stops the swing shortly before the ball reaches home plate. When deciding whether the swing was a check-swing rather than a full swing, the umpire presiding, with the optional aid of either the first or third base umpire, consider factors such as whether the bat passes the front of the plate or the batter pulls his wrists back.

2. When someone stops approaching another person, with the intention to flirt with them, after it becomes clear that he or she is not attracted to that person.
"Damn, that girl is hot...*starts approaching girl*...*gets a better look of girl*...ohhh, check-swing...*stops approaching girl*"

by Pouya Ziapour February 15, 2009
A test one partner in a relationship (hereinafter “testing partner”) gives to the other partner in the relationship (hereinafter “tested partner”) to measure the level of insanity, irrationality, and insecurity of the tested partner.

The test consists of the testing partner telling the tested partner that he/she is going to be unavailable for a specified period of time. In its original form (inspired from a College Humor video), the unavailability was due to the testing partner backpacking in Europe (hence, the “Europe” test) for two weeks with his cellphone off to avoid roaming charges. However, the test is not limited to European vacations and can be adapted to any situation that involves the unavailability of the testing partner.

During such period of time, the testing partner cuts all forms of communication with the tested partner, including not replying to any correspondence by tested partner. This may include, but is not limited to, turning off his/her phone, not composing or replying to any email, text message, or social networking correspondences, etc.

The level of insanity, irrationality, and insecurity is measured by analyzing the resulting behavior of the tested partner. The tested partner “fails” the test if he or she did not behave in a manner the testing partner deems sane, rational, secure, or otherwise appropriate. Generally unacceptable forms of behavior include, but are not limited to, breaking up with testing partner, having sex with other people as a form of revenge, sending repeated blank messages to testing partner, sending hateful messages to testing partner, etc.

"The Europe Test" is used interchangeably with "Le Europe Test."
Example 1:
GUY #1: So I am thinking of proposing to GIRLFRIEND.
GUY #2: Really?? That’s awesome bro. Just to be sure, you should give her the Europe test.
GUY #1: Oh, of course…
*Two weeks later*
GUY #2: So, did she pass?
GUY #1: Nah, she fucked some dude after I didn’t answer her blank emails for one week.

Example 2:
GUY #1: Hey, are you still seeing that one girl?
GUY #2: Nah man, I had to cut her loose when she failed the Europe test.
by Pouya Ziapour August 11, 2009

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