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Shih Tzu is another term for shit.

It is also small cute breed of dog.

Also the name of a band, 'Kinza And The Shih Tzus', with the number one album 'For Those Who are Shih Tzus, We Salute You'.
The band was started on the outskirts of London, inspired by the large eyed, silky haired dog. The band members are the lead singer and lyracist Kinza, other lyracist and back up singer Ruth and the second back up singer and drummer Millie.
Guy sneeks up on friend.
Guy: BOO!
Friend: Ahh! You scared the shih tzu outta me!
Guy: Sorry! Hey, do you wanna check out Kinza And The Shih Tzus tonight? They're performing at 9:00.
Friend: Sure! I love their song 'SOS Please Save Our Shih Tzus'. Their lyrics, based on animal testing are so deep.
Can I bring my shih tzu, Popo, along too?
Guy: Okay!
by Popo Teh Clown December 25, 2006
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