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TERF is a unique Vancouver escort review board which has most straight tricks and hoes flummoxed due to its distinctly gay membership.

The original concept was developed by two young gay men who value the stories submitted by it's gay male members even though the stories involve female providers.

Terf is a project that has become a source of entertainment for gay tricks in Canada who enjoy the stories about other men's penises more than they enjoy the company of the providers whom they're allegedly "reviewing" for the benefit of their fellow gay forum members.
"I joined terf today and read 4 or 5 stories about cock before I blew a load"

"I posted my cock's adventures on terf for all the boys to jerk off over"

"I pretend to like women while masturbating over male members' reviews of their own cocks on Terf."
by PoonerHobbiest March 10, 2007

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