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2 definitions by Pookie da man

Intercourse with a nasty southern fat womans belly button, and the males penis gets belly button lint on the head as he pulls out to ejaculate on her huge stomach.
I fucked your fatass sister in her tummy hole and pulled out to find a Mississippi Q Tip on the end of my dick! Tell that nasty bitch to take a shower once in a while!
by Pookie da man March 07, 2011
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a nice way to refer to a stupid, dumb, or even mentally retarded person or question!!! The term refers to how people have inability to think with a brain freeze and permanant cold in parts of canada, therefore a person with a canadian brain freeze is always inable to think, making them dumb!!
Steve asked "is it possible to be allergic to water" and I responded "do you have a canadian brain freeze".
by Pookie da man December 20, 2011
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