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1 definition by Poo Poo Poo POO

1. A term that origanates from the words "Emo" and "Blenheim" (Located in Southern Ontario). A Blemo is concidered an Emo Kid/Emo Child but doesnt qualify as one because of "and" "or" the following reasons.

A. He/She isn't really an "Emo" but he/she likes all the attention he is recieving because of his appearence. See Attention Whore

B. He/She is "Emo" but is in a denial stage of this and isn't ready to confess. Usually they call everyone around them "Emo"

C. He/She is in a "clic" or "possi" of a whole bunch of Blemos. He/She dresses, acts, talks alike with the other blemos.

Blemos tend to stay in groups so that one of them can't be targeted to be "dissed" or "burned".

2. An Black person that is an emo.
1. Blemo: Hey look at that emo kid over there.
Blemo 2: Yeah, hes emo.
Person: Shut The Fuck up, you dirty blemo fags.
Blemo 3: Shit wheres my razor?

2. Blemo: Yo niggz, check it, I got da blade master 9000 equiped with a razor and a gun so a can cut ma self and rob jo ass.
by Poo Poo Poo POO September 02, 2006
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