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An award given to someone who uses corporate crap speak.
A merging of the terms Tosser and Oscar.
Depending on the readers perspective it can be very positive or very negative.
To be a recipient the nominee must rise above the usual masses of "moving forwards" driven "company directions" and show that they can truly "get their ducks in a row" in order to ascertain the "underlying synergies that are waiting to be unleashed" thus "realising the enterprises true potential" in todays "diverse and discerning marketplace"
He was awarded a Tosscar for his contribution to the dumbing down of English. He managed to do this by having all the delegates confused within ten seconds. He almost received a second Tosscar for managing to utter corporate speak for fifteen minutes straight without repeating anything. Such a true artist deserves a Tosscar
by Pique Oil May 15, 2008

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