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1. simply, it's a Cadillac car that's pink in color.

2. a classic song used as a B-side for Bruce Springsteen's 1984 hit "Dancing in the Dark". Soon after that hit raced up the charts Pink Cadillac cars became a vogue. The Aretha Franklin hit "Freeway of Love" mentions a pink Cadillac. Bruce's track was covered by Natalie Cole and was a hit for her in 1988. Also the country rock band South Pacific made their own cover version. Also in 1989 there was a film by that name, and so on.
1. Elvis Presley owned a pink Cadillac - maybe that was the inspiration for Bruce's song.

2. Bruce's "Pink Cadillac" was a major coin-grabber in the jukeboxers in the bars and clubs.
by Pink Cadillac Driver May 17, 2009
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