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1 definition by Phuck Canada

This country has only two things it loves:
1. Hockey.
2. Being owned by The British.

It is sometimes referred to as the Northern United States, but far sissier. Instead of telling the British to Fuck off like the US did, it bent over and continues to take it anally from our friends across the Atlantic with the funny accents.

Canada has only 5 professional hockey teams and none of them have won the Stanley Cup in years.

They have one National hero as opposed to the US who have thousands. That one hero is named Sidney Crosby, aka, Cindy.

He is a whining hockey player who enjoys being cornholed by beefy men. When he gets drilled another way into the boards and has a career ending injury, he will be a nobody and Canada will again only have it's love of being owned by the British to make them happy.
That guy wearing a Crosby jersey and taking it in the ass sure looks like Sidney Crosby. In fact it is Crosby. My god he is acting like such a Canadian.
by Phuck Canada April 20, 2010
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