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The internet acronym for the words 'shake my head'. Usually used when disappointed in someone/something.
Vincent: So how was prom?
Peter: It was great!
Vincent: You dance with alotta girls?
Peter: No. Just went 'meow meow meow' the whole time.
Vincent: SMH
by Photik May 16, 2006
The best thing that Tuesday's have to offer after 3PM.
3 tacos for $0.99 at Del Taco!
Andrew: What are you doing after school?
Vincent: Going to Del Taco.
Andrew: How come? What's going on there?
Vincent: Dude, are you kidding me? It's Taco Tuesday today! Gonna grab me 15 tacos for $5!
by Photik May 01, 2006
When you fake your girlfriend into saying you're going to stick it in her pussy, but stick it in her asshole instead.
Kunal's girlfriend was expecting him to stick his rod in her pussy, but he stuck it in her ass while yelling "ANAL SURPRISE!"
by Photik May 30, 2006
Acronym for "What are you doing?" that can be used when chatting online.
Person #1: Hey, what's up?
Person #2: Not much, wrud?
Person #1: Just chilling.
by Photik July 26, 2009
The combination of the words 'what' and 'happened'.
Could also be used as "What's happening?"
What + happened = Wappen
by Photik June 01, 2006
Pwn is pronounced 'pone', so bwn is simply pronounced 'bone'.
Guy: Look at my bwner!
Girl: OMGBBQ, it's so big!
by Photik May 30, 2006

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