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Philosophize was born 13th June 1989. With a life filled with music, he began playing clarinet at the age of 6 in a concert band with his older brothers and sister, lead by a music teacher Murray Bishop who influenced greatly on the young boy’s life. In his teenage years he also picked up the saxophone and played in the jazz band Overload. In 2004, at 15, he started writing poetry, but stopped a year later, after building up a large collection of poems, to work and focus on writing lyrics, a 'better form of expression' says the lyricist and rapper.

At this stage Philosophize, a name he would later take on, was writing songs which touched base with all emotions with vivid descriptions, quite a feat for a person of his age. At this time the teenager was in a dark part of his life and found himself heading down the wrong path. Having had a difficult upbringing Philosophize was coming to terms with the life he had lived up to this point and the choices he was making and this is seen in his personal lyrics.

By the time he was pushing 18 years of age his lyrics changed dramatically. He was appreciating the difficult contest of understanding his life and his songs reflect this very much. This is around the time in which he created and adopted the stage name Philosophize, previously going under the lose identities of Wolf and much later Paladin MC. The names came from two stages of the life he was living where the changes and development of his lyrics are also present. The Wolf signifies someone unjustly feared and hated while in contrast a Paladin, a chivalrous, loyal and moral knight, was a symbol of all things good. The Philosophize logo is made up of half a wolf's face and half a paladin's hemlet, resembling the struggle he experienced in becoming the person he is today.

Through his final years at school, which he was lucky to have made it through, Philosophize became fascinated by the depths of the human mind. This was influenced by his English Teacher Mr Warwick Pitt who made references in class to such 'philosophical' ideas. Pursuing his desire to understand these concepts more Philosophize began learning outside of class which opened a window in his mind and ultimately shaping his songs.

His first song “Street Corner” is a sharp reflection on this. This first song was released in 2008 on the internet with the help of his websites. He quickly followed this release with the upbeat song Kamikaze Party, two songs which will be seen on the expected future release of his EP “In The Eyes of The Wolf”. Philosophize recorded his tracks at the Sound Basement (www.thesoundbasement.com), a studio owned by his producer Val Calocerinos and will continue to record and create music in this dynamic partnership.

Philosophize's music generally gives us a different and individual perspective of the world and the lives that we live and is supported with strong emotions that we can all relate to. While influenced by many factors, he brings a unique sound and style to hip hop as well as the music industry as a whole. While musically talented, the main focus and flare in his music is within the lyrics and ideas he brings forth. Philosophize says he “writes in a hope that my music can open people’s minds and touch them so that in some way it can better their lives, even if it’s only for the duration of the song.”
Philosophize...sick music
by Phill THe Pill October 08, 2008

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