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The theory that the phrase "lol?" can be used in response to any typed phrase on the internet, no matter what it is. This is mainly because you cannot express emphasis on the internet.

It is the ultimate end to the "o rly?" chain of words. It can be used in any position of the "o rly?" chain, but is most often used after "no wai!".

Some have theorized that "lmao?" can possibly be used in this situation, but its been agreed that "rofl?" is not possible to use in any situation. In rare cases people use "lqtm?" but that is used mostly by fags, but also by Dimitri Martin.

This is the easiest way to piss someone off on the internet: Just reply "lol?" to whatever they say
Yes!!! I got a level 12 paladin!!!

Dude you suck!

I'm so fucking leet.

Tila Tequila is so hot.

She's got a nice ass

I have cancer guys... seriously

Coke is better than Pepsi!

Examples of lol? Theory
by Peter Porky February 17, 2009
Having 3 or more cameltoes(or camel toes) in a particular area. Usually at a track meet, a swim meet, or beach party.
Fred: Dang man, were you at the track meet?
Joe: Yeah its fucking cameltown in there!
by Peter Porky May 01, 2009
The offspring of a ginger(no soul) and a normal human being(full soul), resulting in only having only a partial soul, a horcrux.
Q: Did you know Tyrone and that ginger got married?

A: Yeah, they even have their own little horcrux now, he's so cute.
by Peter Porky April 06, 2011
Sexual relations between two players on the same muggle quidditch team.
Yeah, everyone on our team is dating. Lots of quincest going on.
by Peter Porky April 06, 2014

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