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11 definitions by Pete Negwaski

My gargantious third member.
I often stuff my own anus with my tallywacker
by pete negwaski June 24, 2006
Schlong Dongery (agent 0069)... the lesser known star of the 007 spy movies who used to star side by side with Sean Connery.....He was cut out of the series because of his huge donger and ability to mac all the bitches..... Connery was jealous/pissed off and had Schlong Dongery cut from the series.
WOW...that Schlong Dongery is quite the cocksman!!
by pete negwaski December 20, 2006
A person that is a Slave To Hard Cock.
I think that girl has STHC syndrome!
by pete negwaski June 17, 2006
Pollen Swenis. When you jack off so much that the first letters in your swollen penis become reversed!
"he jacks off so much that his swollen penis turned in to a pollen swenis!
by pete negwaski December 12, 2006
A crack hesd or some one who acts like one..... an erratic/irrational person. Used since the 80s till present time.
Hey Cuz, I just rented that smokers car for a 20 piece of soup....lets ride all night! OR That guy just dropped his pants and started tuggin on his dong.....What a fuckin smoker! OR That smoker bitch just dabbed me and sold me some fake shit!
by pete negwaski September 26, 2007
Famous Dubliner who fiendishly puffs the cock.
Like Jason mewes (Jay and Silent Bob) would say......He (Cock puffs O'hoolahan) LOVES the cock!!
by pete negwaski September 25, 2007
The twisted and perverse cousin of chewbacca who jacks off so much his name was changed to bluecacca (blue-cock-ah)!!
Chewbacca's cousin jacks off so much that his dick turned permanently blue!!.....We nick named him bluecacca (blue-cock-ah)!
by pete negwaski November 15, 2007