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Waynak, otherwise popularly known as Weynek is Arabic for the phrase 'where are you'. The term originated in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne when non-Arabic Wogs decided to create a secretly disparaging term for their Middle Eastern cousins & other general shitcunts. When someone goes up to a Leb and asks them 'weynak', they generally would give a bemused look unknowing that the asker is calling him a lost cunt in his own language by implying that he needs to ask him where he is. Despite the fact that the term is primarily used towards Lebo males, any shitcunt can be a weynak despite their ethnic background.
Asker: What's going on weynak?
Ali: Why you askin' me where I am cuz, I'm right here?
Asker: Yeh I know you're here but you're still a waynak!
by Peppz September 10, 2012
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