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the mascot of san benito high school located in Hollister, CA and named the second most original high school mascot across the United States according to Sports Illustrated Magazine.

need I say more??
Hank the Haybaler will pull a train on your ass!
by Pepe Bernal April 24, 2007
Used in reference to the county of San Benito in central California.

The area known as San Benito was named by Spanish explorers in honor of St. Benedict, San Benedicto or simply, San Benito in Spanish.

One of the 15 Missions of California, in fact, the biggest of the Missions, is in San Benito county. La Mission de San Juan Bautista was built in 1797 and the town of San Juan Bautista grew up around it. In less than 20 years, the spanish crown would be kicked out of all of mexico during the mexican war of independence. Thus, San Benito County went from a colony of Spain to free region of Mexico.

This area wouldn't remain a part of Mexico for long as it was ceded to the United States in the war of 1846.

When the US took over, they remade county lines. The area of San Benito thus became a part of Monterey County. It was only a few years later that the California State Legislature decided to make a seperate county from the extremely massive Monterey County. They naturally named it San Benito County in accordance with what the region had been known as for over a century.

San Benito County, to this day remains a rural county that practices mostly farming and ranching. Ranching is so important here that in the late 19th century, San Benito County baled the most hay than any other region on Earth. Hence, the county's first high school, San Benito High School's mascot is a haybaler.

San Benito County, despite it's size, has many interesting tidbits and shit like that. Here are just a few:

The county seat, Hollister, is the undisputed birthplace of the motorcycle outlaw, the biker back in 1947.

San Benito County is the only place on Earth where you will find the deservingly-named mineral "benitoite" This blue mineral is extremely rare and very peculiar as it seems to glow blue.

Have you ever heard of a town that lies in three counties?? Didn't think so bitches. The San Benito/Monterey/Santa Cruz county town of Aromas is the only town in the United States to be located within three counties. If the town grows a little more, it could also be located in Santa Clara County.

The nation's second most unique high school mascot as voted by Sports Illustrated Magazine, is the Haybaler of San Benito High School. The number one mascot was some guy who makes cheese, that's right, <i>cheese</i>, from Wisconsin or some shit like that. Let me ask you one thing though, how is the cow gonna make the cheese without the hay from San Benito County. Pwnd!

Jesus of Nazareth??? I think not. Recent archaelogical evidence has shown that Jesus did not come from Nazareth, but in fact he hails from San Benito. The Bible will be changed to reflect this new finding. It will also be shown that the three wise men did not actually see Jesus as an infant over there as he was in San Benito at the time, they were in fact smoking drugs from their hookahs.

Some of the towns in San Benito County are: Hollister, San Juan Bautista, Aromas, Tres Pinos, San Benito, Panoche Valley, Paicines, New Idria, Bitterwater, and Vineyard. Hollister has a population of over 36,000 people. San Juan Bautista has a population of a little under 2,000. Aromas has a population of a little over 2,000 but most of those people live in the Monterey County side. The rest of those towns have populations in the hundreds or less and some are even abandoned.

In conlcusion, San Benito County rules!!!!

San Benito County, California.
by Pepe Bernal September 22, 2007
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