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When a man goes down on a woman using his tongue, he dances back and forth back and forth between between the clit and pussy, exciting her to the point she is unable to control herself and cums time after time. The giver often will alternate between sucking on the clit and pussy lips and inserting his tongue into the cunt many times adding a finger or two. and "triple tonging" the clit. Once a experienced Twat Tangoer has started it is almost impossable for the woman to ask him to stop. It often ends up with the woman having a female ejaculation, squirting the guy in the mouth and face. A form of foreplay that almost for sure ends up in intercourse.
A gal knows what it does to her to be eaten, but the TT takes it to the next level fiving her additional thrills and pleasure.

WOW, she said just a few good licks, but I gave her a Twat Tango, and we fucked all night.
by Passionate Pete March 14, 2010

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