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A group of four girls that have mini bars under their bathroom sinks and that are not afraid to be ravers and party it up.
Hey, did you see that klak last night?
by papa roach December 15, 2007
A person of little significance, inconsequential. Also known as a non-factor. Associated with failure, a riah can never seem to "get it right"...whether that means failing at running an internet gaming guild or failing to properly report and get banned another guild's forums. On the Dethecus server, this term is widely known and used as one of the worst insults possible.

Coined by Dethecus player, Svarthorne, this term has become known across multiple servers. The original Riah has seemingly gone into hiding as a result although some report sightings of Riah on occassion.
Your guild is in all tier 3 yet you failed to beat a PUG in greens, you riah.
by Papa Roach January 19, 2007

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