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The love of my life. The only person who can make you smile 24/7; even in your sleep. She is beautiful. Her smile is so amazing and when you see her, she takes your breath away. She gives you amazing butterflies, and can make you feel like you are on top of the world.She has a great body and will make you feel fat because its just that nice.She is a great friend. If you ever need someone to talk to, go to her. She will always be there for you. She can get your life back on track. She makes you see the problem and can help you fix it. She get's mad sometimes, and i don't doubt that she will cut a bitch. She's the best cheerleader in the world and nobody can touch her skills. She's funny,smart,outgoing, and incredible at anything she puts her mind too. Everybody wants her. She's confident and knows what she wants.
1."Wow, this song is amazing!"
"I know it's obviously about Kassidy."

2."Whoah was that Sarah Shahi?!"
"Pshh no that was Kassidy, dude she makes Sarah look like a slime monster."

3."You don't know what love is until you've fallin' in love with Kassidy."
by Panini <3 Num Nums March 11, 2010

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