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A multitude of all sorts of shapes, usually only perceptible under the influence of psychadelic drugs.
"WHOA! Did you see that circlaretrianglon over there in the Aztec temple?!"
#circle #square #triangle #hexagon #hallucination
by Paige K.A. Fletcher February 10, 2008
Any situation, circumstance, course of events or interlocution which may be confusing to a person.
"Well that's a kronk-knockler."


"That's a hum-dinger!"
#confuzzled #doozie #hum-dinger #head scratcher #mind boggler
by Paige K.A. Fletcher February 10, 2008
My made up word from childhood for spirals.
"@" is as close as I can get to describe it. Zoi yoi's look like this, sort of.
#dizzy #spiral #cirle #round #line
by Paige K.A. Fletcher February 12, 2008
A state of realization that one is even more depressed when drunk than when sober.
Person A: "What's the matter?"
Person B: "I'm suffering from melancholicolica."
Person A: "You know that drinking is bad for your depression."
Person B: "Yah, I know."
#alcohol #depression #melancholy #hopelessness #sadness
by Paige K.A. Fletcher October 12, 2008
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