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The jews I know are white people plain and simple. They behave like the rest of us do. I dont know if this is rogue jews or what, but some jews don't celebrate anything jewish at all.(example a family named rubinstein, jewish as it gets)Every jew doesnt fit every stereotype, but alot SEEM to from a non jewish point of view. As far as looks go, you could meet ten jews and not even know it. As far as money goes, jews make,keep,spend, and invest money more seriously than any other people on the earth, creating an appearance of greed. Somewhere engraved in jewish genes is a commitment to make money, and because jews are highly smart people they do that on a different level.(people lie..numbers dont..if youre jewish you already know the statistics..media.. politics.. blah blah you know, dont play stupid)What it boils down to is jews are one of many races trying to live in this globally racist world. Remember racism is simply lack of common appearance or understanding of minds between two equally unique human beings. Last but not least, as a whole group, yall gotdam jews are mysterious with your SuperJewPowers. Im just playin.....or am I????
non-jew: do you people have superior minds?
jew 1: you cant be serious
non-jew: just something Ive heard *leaves*
jew 1: ok the inferior being is gone
jew 2: lets go brainwash some people with subliminal messages while we secretly hatch a plan to make more money.

Im just playing jews.... or am I????
by P_ZillA August 26, 2007

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