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A bunch of racist morons, who think that they are superior only because they are to stupid to obeserve their low position amongst the scum of society. In fact so stupid they burn their own religion to show faith!? The word stupidty doesnt begin to explain the moronic logic and manupulative ways in which they scheme only to discoer the abomination to mankind that they are.
"I am an idiot of the higest degree"
"I managed to score a negative 100 for my IQ test"
I belive that by burning my own lregious symbol I am upholding its values"
"I dont like other races because when I do evil things to them they complain"
"If you are a moron like me, join my clan"
"Wow I cant even spell clan in the basic form!"
"If I take over the world, I will make sure we are the same colour....but first i have to learn what colours are?"
by PRO EQUALITY April 04, 2003

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