3 definitions by P-nasty the Chuta

the act of jizzing on a tennis ball, igniting it, and shoving it up your girl's pussy while grunting.
Jack tried to give his girl a flaming Pete Sampras, but accidently lit his cock on fire.
by P-nasty the Chuta April 04, 2010
When you let a bitch break her water while you're eating her out.
Jack- Yo, did Janine make it hospital in time for the delivery?
Advaith- Yeah, but not before a good Nebraska Mouthwashing. I'm still trying to pick the placenta out of my teeth.
by P-nasty the Chuta April 15, 2010
A combination of piping hot semen and any organic fruit juice, well shaken, with the consistancy of a yogurt smoothie.
Jack was shocked to discover that his protein shake had been replaced with a Cincinnati Smoothie.
by P-nasty the Chuta April 04, 2010

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