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Someone who plays the role of a nice old man but is secretly hateful and prejudiced.
Ronald Reagan was good at manipulating the American public by putting on a fake "nice old man" persona. And the gullible American majority believed it was his true personality. But in truth Ronald Reagan was a very dark man who supported many evil things.

The day of Ronald Reagan's death was one of the greatest days in history for humanity.
by Ounose February 18, 2009
See: Donald Rumsfeld

The only guy who would allow 9/11 to happen.
Donald Rumsfeld is evil as hell.
by Ounose April 24, 2009
A closet atheist. It's true. He may say he's a christian but that's only so he can stay in office. Anyone who wants to secularize the United States as much as Obama does can't be religious.

Plus, his dad was a Muslim turned Atheist.

(Before anyone jumps to conclusions, I'll just admit that I'm an atheist myself.)
Come on now, folks. You don't REALLY believe that Barack Obama is a christian, do you? He said that America wasn't a Christian nation, or a Jewish nation, or a Muslim nation; as if America was ALWAYS a secular country.
by Ounose April 09, 2009

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