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5 definitions by Ornithischia

She is that masculine, tanned, deep voiced, short haired or curled up (similar to granny hair) woman with body hair, who is just rude, bitter and aggressive to people.

She will be wearing jeans that reach her stomach and a buttoned shirt. Her formal clothes will be suits and ties. They are also usually tall and built, as opposed to the short and fat stereotype of a dykey lesbian.

She is a bully to people smaller or weaker than her. Bulldykes are sometimes school teachers - of gym and even kindergarten - they're like hell to children/students with their scary attitude and overall hard masculinity.

It is thought that they are brought to schools to scare children.
I had two scary bulldykes as teachers in elementary. They never stopped yelling at us and were scary as hell. They made me get diarrhea when they were nearby.
by Ornithischia March 21, 2013
A widow's peak is the hairline making a V shaped point in the upper part of forehead. In extreme cases, it may go down to the upper center of the forehead - that's where it will look like a stereotypical Widows Peak where we see in Dracula and such. Some widow's peaks are less pronounced and more U-shaped, which show more only when a guy balds.

Most people don't have the stereotypical widow's peak, even though a lot of us do have a subtle one to some extent which mostly shows up in balding (for a man) or if you tie your hair back.
Those with a prominent and very obvious V shaped, widow's peak:

Jude Law, Kourtney Kardashian, Collin Farrel, Leonardo DiCaprio, William Shatner, Danny O’Donoghue (The Script), Jessie J, Wentworth Miller, CM Punk, Timothy Oliphaunt, Daniel Craig, Chris Hemsworth, Marilyn Monroe and Josh Duhamel.

Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, Jason Lee, Jean Reno, Patrick Wilson, Sting, Ryan Reynolds, Jason Isaacs, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Dwayne Johnson and the late Heath Ledger are those with a less prominent and more U-shaped peaks (which are more obvious due to balding).
by Ornithischia October 02, 2013
A masculine gay guy who would sport big muscles in his body and is quite tough. They have deep voices, prefer the company of other men (they have nothing in common with women) and might be on the bear side, the some of them.

There are more diesel queers than there are effeminate gay men or twinks. It's just that the latter are more outspoken and dramatic, so they'd appear in TV more often. Half of the men you see in the gym are diesel queers.
Whilst these men are NOT gay, diesel queers would usually look & act like them:

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel.
by Ornithischia June 08, 2013
Basically, it's a less intense version of depression, though it differs from it in a lot of ways.

People who are depressed just feel worthless and think that nothing could cure them or make them happy. However, melancholia isn't like that and it's more narcissistic, making the sufferer want 'better' feelings (or better life) - longing for love, the past (if nostalgic) and just want their gaps to be filled. They'd daydream about being with what they long for and such.

Most people with melancholia would think about having a lover and how sad it makes that they still don't have one. They are not depressed (as said) - they cope well with life activities, but they lack that something that fills them up (doesn't have to be a lover though - could be a job, friend, family and even their computer or musical instrument).

NOTE: At times, though, a sustained and intense melancholia may lead to depression.
I need a lover. I want someone to fill up the gap in my heart. I smile, I laugh, I do my daily activities (not depressed), but I long for to be with someone - I have melancholia on a daily basis. :(
by ornithischia December 14, 2013
Someone having the most attractive set of eyes where you can easily climax by looking at their eyes, and their eyes alone (when masturbating or fucking them). The climax which is triggered whilst looking at the eyes is an eyegasm.
Person 1: When I was coming I looked tensely in his eyes and the orgasm got more powerful. What was that?

Person 2: You had an eyegasm dude.
by Ornithischia October 08, 2013