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A bunch of frauds. Despite having atheist in its name it really isn't atheism at all. Their goal is to subvert atheism with the religion of feminist indoctrination and bitch about non existent misogyny.

To these people any legitimate questioning of feminists and female privilege is grounds for calling anyone a misogynist. Atheism Plus is really nothing more then an attempt at co-opting the meaning of atheism.
Atheism Plus is nothing more than dogmatic feminists trying to commandeer the atheist movement. This will set back Atheism for decades if these usurpers gain popularity.
by Oolon_Colluphid September 03, 2012
What Barack Obama’s extremely delusional supporters are.

These people view any negative comment about him as blasphemy because they view Barack Hoover Obama as a black liberal messiah. They know nothing about his politics and plug their ears with their fingers when Obama pushes the country further right of Ronald Regain.

Any legitimate criticism of the President is countered with accusations of racism, even towards those on the left who don't think Obama is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ as they do.
Examples of Obama bots are Third Way, & The people’s view, and many faux liberal blogs.
by Oolon_Colluphid August 20, 2011
A conservative/Republican female with a low IQ, unable to answer questions that are stranded knowledge to fifth graders, and uses phrases like "lamestream media" because they will be revealed to be as dumb as they look. So they go to whine on Fox News or talk radio about their "unfair treatment" from the non existent liberal media.

Usually privileged white women who are better off making porno movies. They rely on conservative manginas to protect them from any legitimate criticism. Right Wing bimbo's will claim to be constitutionalists but don't know a damn thing about what is written in it, tend to be pro life and for abstinence when their daughters are pregnant and/or slutty.
The top examples of a right wing bimbo are, Sarah "Carbuo Barbie" Palin, Michele "batshit insane" Bachmann, Christina "dumber then a fifth grader" O'Donnal, Sharon "Latino hating racist" Angle, Carly "the destroyer of HP " Fiorina.
by Oolon_Colluphid January 30, 2011

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