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2 definitions by One Guy

A yellow bracelet made by Lance Armstrong. They cost $1 and 97 cents of that one dollar goes tohelping the fight against cancer. Apparently some jackasses on this site do not know what it's for. It has become somewhat of a fad but either way, it's helping the fight against cancer
I have 2 livestrongs, I never take them off
by One Guy August 01, 2005
A little wannabe who claims he is a professional skateboarder, but his show is just him destroying stuff. He is a lowsy skater and just another asshole who every girl thinks is sexy, even though his face is about as hairy as my nuts.

A marketing tool for MTV, the worst TV station to exist, and just a tool
Bam Margera is the biggest poser to live!
by One Guy August 01, 2005