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2 definitions by One Boys

CRUMB (S) - is a individual(s) who lacks honor,trust,love,morals,good intent,value,effort,respect,loyalty,support,devotion or goodstanding.
Nothing can stop us! aint no love for crumbs.
by ONE BOYS August 31, 2012
16 6
1. YAH - a sound used to express great joy, displeasure or anger or
to be in total agreement with a statement or situation.

2. YAH - is a sound expressed when you have accomplished a great feat or successful at overcoming an obstacle.
3. YAH - is a sound expressed in when you are in agreement with becoming extremely competitive or feeling of excitement and adrenaline rush.
4. YAH - is a One Boy greeting and a call used to identify fellow members.
"I made the deans list, yah!"
by One Boys August 31, 2012
4 2