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Flipping through the deck over and over while playing the card game Solitaire even though there are no more moves available, denying that you have lost even though you already know it.
Guy #1: Dude, you've gone through the deck 3 times already. Give it up, you've lost.
Guy #2: ...So I have. I'm in solitaire denial again.
by Oletha May 30, 2010
After you've read too many MLIAs on www.mylifeisaverage.com and you can't stop thinking of things in your life to submit in that format.
Guy #1: Dude, I just thought of like, 3 MLIAs to submit in the last 5 minutes.
Guy #2: Looks like you have a case of MLIA syndrome.
by Oletha July 22, 2009
A technical term.
Guy #1: Insert the thingy into the slot.
Guy #2: ...Is that a... Technical term?
Guy #1: Why, yes. Yes it is.
by Oletha August 04, 2009
A game of endurance between 2 or more people, only playable on a hot day.

To play, park your car and, with the engine still running, turn the air conditioning off, wind up the windows and turn the heater onto full power. All the players must sit in the car for as long as they can take it. The first to get out of the car loses.

For added tension, bring a thermometer.
Guy #1: It's so hot and humid... This fan isn't even helping.
Guy #2: Perfect conditions for a game of Car Sauna!
by Oletha July 13, 2009
A fine piece of ass doctor from House.

She suffers from Huntington's disease and specialises in internal medicine.
2 guys and a girl are watching House. Thirteen is making out with another hot girl.
Guy #1: I love Thirteen.
Guy #2: I would.
Guy #1: I would.
Girl #1: I would.
by Oletha July 13, 2009
Things that most people have which stop people from doing things that either:
1) are mean or unfair to other people or
2) have been outlawed by a higher power, such as the police or God, usually for the protection of others' health or rights.

Morals do not have a physical form, although some "codes of conduct" attempt to represent them.
Guy #1: Let's go steal some wallets!
Guy #2: But that's not fair to the people who own the wallets! You have such bad morals!
by Oletha July 12, 2009
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