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A Democrat, social parasite, or self-described 'progressive' who feels more comfortable having others do their thinking for them. The vast majority of positions espoused by liberal douchebags are merely re-repeatings of things heard from other, more vociferous liberal douchebags. Liberal douchebags are incapable of logical thinking. There are only three requirements for being a liberal douchebag:

1. You must be superior to all others (and you must incessantly announce your perceived intelligence to the point where everyone knows you are actually a liberal douchebag, i.e. "Liberals are smarter because of the direct ingestion of same-sex genitalia."

2. You must not have any ACTUAL accomplishments in life. Anyone who has actually accomplished anything in life would have nothing to do with a liberal douchebag social parasite.

3. You MUST be untalented AND hateful to become a liberal douchebag.
American_Patriot is a liberal douchebag because he feels he needs to interject his views into EVERY area of politics, including those areas in which he has voiced opposition to or disagreement with.


Liberal douchebags, like American_Patriot, whine and cry about how unfair the world is because they are losers who prefer society solve their problems. Then they use names like American_Patriot because they cannot handle the psychological pain of being such a loser.
by Olds442 September 14, 2009
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