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A country in east asia, occupying the southern half of the Korean pennisula. Currently it possesses the 10th largest economy and has a population of apporoximatly 48 million people. It's capital is at Seoul which was once the capital of a unified Korea. South Korea shares a common language with North Korea aswell as bloodlines and traditional culture. Although the South Korean government is only a little more than a half century old, the Korean people, language and culture have existed for more than 4,000 years.
There have been many opinions and personal ideas of what Korea is and what it means to be Korean, and personal statements from non-Koreans on this site as to how Koreans come across to other peoples. However, there is a difference between fact and opinion.
Tong-il Mahnsae! Unified Korea!
South Korea and North Korea.
by Old Boy May 18, 2006
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